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Personal Trainers and Performance Coaches – Book Recommendations

Here is a list of books recommended for various areas of exercise physiology that will be an asset to trainers and coaches.

They have been carefully selected for various areas so read the reviews to get more information of the content quality.

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Supplement Stack Guide By have slowly placed themselves in the number one spot for scientifically backed and objective research on supplements. They have a best-selling reference guide which is the complete offline version of their entire database for a one-off lifetime investment and it is updated when new research is added – free for life.

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Front Squat – Fix Your Dropping Elbows

Many people new to weightlifting find the front squat hard work. The bar chokes them and the elbows are difficult to get high causing the wrists to become painful. For most people a quick fix will be to address shoulder range and lat tightness. These simple movements can be greatly improved in just a few weeks with the right attention to movement limitations.

10 Tips For Personal Trainers To Improve Client Retention And Income

10 Tips For Personal Trainers To Improve Client Retention And Income

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