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Personal Trainer Mentorship

Personal Trainer mentorship

Personal Trainer Mentorship

Here is an overview of what you can expect on our personal trainer mentorship. If you are about to qualify as a personal trainer, or have just qualified then this will be an essential part of your personal growth, confidence and business development. Continue reading

Self – Efficacy – NSCA article for coaches and client retention.

Self – Efficacy is a term coined by the psychologist Albert Bandura and used it to explain our ability to succeed in a given situation we face.

Click the image below for a very good journal article on self efficacy from the NSCA.


Self – Efficacy relates to our ability to persist and succeed with a task and this is largely based on our beliefs about our ability to achieve goals. Self – Efficacy not only determines whether or not someone will take on a challenging task, but also how long they will potentially last with it. Continue reading