DEXA scan – top information on body fat.

DEXA – your bodyfat friend

As a coach and trainer it is important to get reliable data that you can use to help progress your athletes and clients. An important aspect of training is body composition and a reduction in body fat percentage for many sports while lean muscle mass increases. While several methods exist for this, there is a great degree of variation and accuracy in the results. One of the best methods available is DEXA scan as it gives a host of information that can be used to form good baseline measurements to plan training from.

Dexa scan image

In the image above you can clearly see the fat distribution in yellow.



The above image would clearly show the gradual reduction of body fat over time through re-testing and the accompanying data chart would show exact percentages.

Hologic scanner

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Many people want to lower body fat and the great thing about DEXA is that it gives you fat and lean data for all regions of the body – arms, legs, trunk – not just a single overall figure. Whilst you can’t spot-lose fat, you can certainly train to build and equalise muscle in different body parts.

For coaches and athletes you get to see a lot more than just composition. The slight variations in muscle mass from left and right limbs could indicate imbalances that need to be addressed in order to avoid future injury routes. This is extremely valuable if the athlete has a dominant side to their sport, or repetitive movements are used for one side such as javelin and high jump.

The key benefits of DEXA are the accuracy of the measurements and clear visibility of fat distribution. The data is precise and gives a complete overview of your entire mass. Your own DEXA report is also compared against population data for your age, ethnicity and sex..

It is also a medical grade piece of hardware and originally used for bone density screening for illnesses like osteoporosis. This means that many pro sports teams, athletes and research teams use it for the accurate data it provides. Professional football teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham as well as rugby teams like the Saracens and Harlequins have used DEXA as part of their training routine.

From a scientifically valid perspective it is also not prone to human error or calibration problems as would be skin callipers and impedance tests.

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