Personal Trainer Mentorship

Personal Trainer mentorship

Personal Trainer Mentorship

Here is an overview of what you can expect on our personal trainer mentorship. If you are about to qualify as a personal trainer, or have just qualified then this will be an essential part of your personal growth, confidence and business development.


The correct mechanics and loading for the major lifts such as squat and deadlift. Integral parts of any strength, movement and foundation lifting course to ensure your clients are injury free and start off with correct movement patterns

Fat loss tools

Guided by one of the most competent and respected kettlebell coaches in Great Britain you will learn exactly how to use these extremely versatile tools for complexes, ladders, intervals and circuits in order to unlock their fat burning potential for your clients. Many trainers simply swing with them – and pretty badly if we are honest – leaving a huge chunk of their potential untouched. When people have lost up to 5kg a month at home just working out from a DVD we are sure we now have your attention with bells on…

Video analysis

Join the digital age and wow your customers with free and readily available coaching technology. Film specific movements then watch them in slow motion with scroll options to get an exact idea of loading, firing sequences, stability, flexibility and technical issues that will allow them to train better for longer.


Stand out from the rest of the crowd and be found, instead of chasing everyone from behind your laptop and wondering how everyone does things. Lead by example and have them coming to find you.

Rapport and closing

The most overlooked aspect of nearly all physical coaching qualifications, programs and education days are that you deal with people that think, have emotions and need problems solved. Learn to listen so they talk and unravel their own problems with you sitting there as the eventual solution they have been looking for. With a real time example of open ended questions and the client leading the self exploration as to what they want, why they want it and what they expect.

Social media

How to grow awareness of you and your brand with the golden rules of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You are not here to sell – we will show you what you are there for.


The purpose of a website with regards to layout, SEO, content and the marketing funnel.


Everything you need to allow your clients to make informed choices for the right foods, amount and times in order to feel energised, alert, ready to train and to recover from training.

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Personal trainer mentorships

Personal trainer mentorships

Cheshire Personal Trainer

Cheshire Personal Trainer

Not your average personal trainer mentorship I think you will agree…