Power and Performance Workshop

We are very pleased to announce a new workshop template we are trialling with Jordan Fitness at their HQ end of May.


Power and performance is aimed at coaches, athletes and personal trainers looking to beef up their toolbox with some new material.

The overview for the day is as follows –

Introduction to Olympic weightlifting – hang, and power variations are covered as well as a detailed look at the snatch and clean and jerk movements. Video analysis will be used to provide coaching feedback.


7 stage plyometric model – learn to effectively use the force-velocity curve when maximising your power from strength training gains.


Introduction to basic kettlebell exercises – we cover the swing, clean, jerk, snatch and windmill to give you enough material for every client you will ever train as taught by the Russian world champions for maximum efficiency.


Overview of program design and periodisation – now you have the tools, here is how to use them to get results.



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