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About Us

The aims of The Strength Academy are threefold -

1. To provide professional courses to the fitness industry and qualified trainers.
2. To provide professional and functional training equipment that will deliver results.
3. To provide ongoing educational events for everyone to learn and share knowledge.

The Strength Academy is run by Stephen Aish. Steve has 30 years of training experience and has achieved success in many fields of physical activity.

Why choose The Strength Academy?

Steve began his training career at the age of 10 in Taekwondo and before that was always active in sports from a young age. He achieved his 1st Dan black belt aged 14 and went on to successfully teach his own classes for nearly 15 years as a 3rd Dan instructor. He designed his own syllabus to black belt and has trained thousands of students. For 10 years he has worked his way to the top of the UK kettlebell industry as the author of the first ever REPS recognised kettlebell course, author of the UK's first comprehensive DVD on kettlebell instruction and accompanying workouts. Steve has personally trained fitness professionals, celebrities, rock groups, the police, the military, company directors and thousands of members of the general public. He has accredited over 1000 qualified kettlebell instructors and aims to increase the network to allow everyone to experience the benefits of training with kettlebells.

Steve is regarded by many as one of the leading kettlebell coaches in Great Britain personally working with, or having trained and qualified, many of the other kettlebell trainers on the market. He has a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning, is an internationally ranked kettlebell lifter and is Kettlebell Advisor to York Fitness.

Steve currently holds four British Weightlifting Championship titles, British records and a World Record. Having achieved this with just a few years of professional coaching it is evident how effective kettlebells are for improving in other sports - being coached by a Commonwealth Gold Medallist and record holder also helps. To allow more people to understand how weightlifting can enhance performance The Strength Academy is currently designing a Weightlifting for Sports Course.

Steve also has 10 years of professional e-commerce experience including all aspects of running a limited company and is Joint Director of Biotechsprint Limited, an exciting new company with a line of new inventions for improving running mechanics that are trademarked, patent pending and ready to launch shortly.

Our courses are professionally recognised and designed to ensure everyone attending can use their new skills with complete confidence.


Professional Qualifications


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • MSc Strength and Conditioning
  • International Coach and Tutor
  • Mindset Coach and Consultant for Body Type Nutrition
  • Kettlebell Adviser and training provider for FitNet Greece
  • Performance Coach and Tutor for PFS Cyprus
  • UK Rep for Russian Kettlebell World Champions IKSFA
  • Kettlebell Adviser to York Fitness
  • Kettlebell Adviser to The Foundry Training Studios
  • Academy Tutor and Lead weightlifting Coach for Jordan Fitness
  • IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach
  • 3rd Dan Taekwondo
  • Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor
  • BBC Artist's Account
  • REPs level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • BWLA Weightlifting Instructor
  • Greenwood Weightlifting Instructor
  • NLP Master Business Practitioner
  • First Aid at work
  • British Champion
  • British Record Holder
  • World Record Holder


    Specialist Areas


  • Kettlebells - all levels from basics to international sport rankings

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Strength training for Sports Performance

  • Martial arts and self defence

  • Personal Training and Body Transformation

    Performance and practical mentorships

  • Grip Training

  • Mindset



These are some of the organisations that Steve has worked with