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Kettlebell Workout DVDs & Kettlebell Fitness & Training DVD Set, Euro Offer

Product Ref: QR0649
 Kettlebell Workout DVDs & Kettlebell Fitness & Training DVD Set, Euro Offer
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Manufacturer: The Strength Academy
 Kettlebell Workout DVDs & Kettlebell Fitness & Training DVD Set, Euro Offer - Additional Image
 Kettlebell Workout DVDs & Kettlebell Fitness & Training DVD Set, Euro Offer - Additional Image
 Kettlebell Workout DVDs & Kettlebell Fitness & Training DVD Set, Euro Offer - Additional Image
 Kettlebell Workout DVDs & Kettlebell Fitness & Training DVD Set, Euro Offer - Additional Image
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 Practical Kettlebell Training 2.5 hour 2 x DVD Set Euro

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Kettlebell Workout DVDs - Disc 1 Exercises -

2 hand swing

The only exercise you will need to lose weight and maintain health. Working 80% of the body, with a high metabolic demand and calorie burn you will notice the difference in just weeks as you become leaner, stronger and have more energy. The number 1 kettlebell fat loss exercise! Calorie burn can be as much as 20 each minute of exercise.


1 hand swing

Progressing from the 2 hand swing you can now increase the work on your grip, engage the obliques and stabilize the body against the motion of the kettlebell. The core is engaged more than the 2 hand swing as you now have to brace the abs to avoid rotation. Still full body, and still a high calorie burn based on training peripheral heart rate - upper and lower body together.




A great exercise for the upper back and teaching you how to control the amount of force you produce. Add a squat and you have a full body workout for enhanced fat loss.



Shoulder isolation exercise with added rotation, strengthen weak rotator cuffs and improve shoulder stability.



Develop explosive power and see it carry over into your sport. Engage the core and maximize your jump potential by training triple extension with overload.


Reverse windmill

A modification of the overhead windmill, learn to engage the core and lengthen the hamstrings in this gentle exercise. This is a great exercise for runners as it helps with hip stability and also tightens the side of your abs that do not get targetted with normal abdonimal exercise adding to the fat loss potential.


Overhead windmill

Take the weight overhead to load the core and hamstrings and feel the kettle bell stretch you and help with shoulder stability. An advanced versioin of the lower windmill, this exercise places a greater demand on the target regions and is a great workout finisher to ensure fat loss and toning of these often hard to reach areas after your training sessioin.


Kettlebell get up

The 1-stop workout that hits the whole body. Taking 15 seconds for one good repetition the get up has been used by leading experts as a movement screen based on its dynamic postures, transitions and the need to maintain strength, stability, control and fluid movement throughout the entire exercise. Do 10 and check your pulse!

Photobucket Photobucket

Each exercise is split screen and broken down to the most effective teaching components we have found through teaching hundreds of fitness professionals to become qualified kettlebell instructors. The exercises also have teaching point refreshers at the end of each tutorial for quick reference.

The Kettlebell DVDs, Disc 2 allows you to choose from 7 timed workouts ranging from 5 to 15 minutes so you simply push play and get fit! If you want to learn how to use kettlebells properly and then maximize their potential with several workouts then this is the product for you!

Probably the most important feature of this product is the 7 timed workouts as you have a take home package for fat loss! Kettlebells work multiple muscle groups so the calorie demand is quite high, they also raise metabolism and have been shown to improve your physique and reduce unwanted bodyfat with just 20 minutes of training for at least 3 times a week. There are many training variables and a lot of confusion associated with these. All you need to know is that the most important factor for steady weight loss and maintaining that weight loss is frequency. Basically, exercising at least 3-4 times a week will deliver solid results and the workouts ensure that you have challenging routines to help achieve your goals. We have done it all - you just have to press play and train :)

As a bonus there are chapters on handle alignment for improving the kettlebell snatch and an introduction to kettlebell sport with timed workouts for each event.

This DVD package is the video version of the course used to teach over 500 personal trainers how to use kettlebells and thousands of members of the general public to take charge of their own fitness and make great improvements in health and wellbeing.

Buy Now Securely with  Paypal for only €24-95 posted to Eire!


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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Kettlebell Training - no frills, everything you need., 17 Nov 2011
This review is from: Practical Kettlebell Training Vol 1. 2.5 hours 2 DVD set (Misc.)

I had purchased this DVD a year ago. Now I am fitter, stronger and slimmer than I thought I could be just using a DVD and a kettlebell. First 4 weeks following this dd workout I lost 1 stone in my livingroom! and a notiable increas in general wellbeing. Within 9 months I had lost total of 3 stone of excess body FAT and gained lean and slim muscle. I did not pay £40 a month for a gym subscription or need a peronal trainer, I trained (an still do) for a maximum of 20 mins every second day (minimum 3 times a week - If you have been put off by that comment then i suggest you go and find a liposuction clinic and hope you dont require basic phisical exertion any time soon- because fitnss requires effort ;) So make the effort to get a cast iron kettlebell and this dvd. The DVD is idiot proof and gives you the workouts to train along with - all you need to do i find around 20 minutes a couple of times a week to benefit from the dvd. The excerises are explained clearly (and accurately) it covers warm up, stretch and workouts that are sectioned into 5 10 15 mins, progresing in difficulty. Do yourself a favor and get a kettlebell, this DVD and make an effort. If you try you will benefit from this! Also i wouldnt pay much heed to the comment from the other person regarding "lighting", "camera focus" etc,not sure what that's about...possbly they were disapointed it wasnt some chick in a bikini doing the workout in the middle of Bannatynes - however - The info is good and the DVD is sectioned into useful and fully individual chapers on health and safety, do's n dont's and an intro on the size and weight of kettlebell. Then each exerise demonstrated and broken down into teaching points. Once you have looked at this then you have seperate workouts to play and follow. So - forgetting the "lighting" and "focus" which is actually fine - this DVD has given me more than I could have expeted, it will do the same for you if you make the effort.



16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Practical Kettlebell Training, 23 Aug 2010
J. S. Murphy "Spud" (Stourbridge UK) - 


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