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Military And Emergency Services Training Days

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Military And Emergency Services Training Days
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Having already trained at RAF Brize Norton, RAF Marham and sold equipment to both USAF bases Lakenheath and Mildenhall we have a good idea of the training requirements of the military. We have also worked with Kent police for workshops and external events.

These groups of people have a no-nonsense approach to fitness and need to most reliable and safe methods that will deliver consstent results for performance in the field. We understanf these needs and can cater for those requirements. They are usually under a lot of pressure to perform and have high stress jobs that require absolute focus and usually leave little time for general fitness concerns. At the end of a long day the last thing most people want to do is spend 2 hours with a round trip to the gym. We can show you how tailored metabolic sessions can deliver astonishing results with just 15-30 minute training and can usually be completed on site with little equipment. If you happen to have a gym area then we can cover safe lifting mechanics as well.

Groups catered for -


Fire service

Ambulance service



Air force

Sports clubs and martial arts clubs are also welcome to contact us for bespoke workshops for athlete performance and tactical fitness events.


Services offered –

Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting – providing gym access and equipment

Full kettlebell inductions – our fast-track fitness tool successfully used by many athletes and service people.

Program design and periodisation overview

Plyometric training – a progressive 7 stage model

Foundation principles of exercise physiology to get you on the right track

Nutrition talks from our advisers

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, number of people interested, space and equipment available and the main areas of focus for your team’s fitness development.

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