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Mindset – Reading Guide For Personal Development

During 2014 I went through a huge shift where I finally understood the importance of mindset and how essential it is for health, happiness and personal development. Below is a list of the books I have read this year and personally recommend as they have either had a huge impact on my development, coaching, or mindset workshop structure that will help many people from 2015.

If you develop your mind to see past the many illusions most of us believe to be real you will find lasting happiness and inner peace.

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Rehband Knee Sleeve Review

As a competitive lifter, the right equipment is extremely important and can not only give you more enjoyment from your training sessions, but also a longer training life as an athlete. If you are a competitive weightlifter then I am sure you are well aware of the difference between an Eleiko bar and a 32mm powerlifting bar costing around £60. If you are like me then you would rather miss any technical work and just do pull and strength training based on how awful they feel.

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DEXA scan – top information on body fat.

DEXA – your bodyfat friend

As a coach and trainer it is important to get reliable data that you can use to help progress your athletes and clients. An important aspect of training is body composition and a reduction in body fat percentage for many sports while lean muscle mass increases. While several methods exist for this, there is a great degree of variation and accuracy in the results. One of the best methods available is DEXA scan as it gives a host of information that can be used to form good baseline measurements to plan training from.

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Personal Trainer Mentorship

Personal Trainer mentorship

Personal Trainer Mentorship

Here is an overview of what you can expect on our personal trainer mentorship. If you are about to qualify as a personal trainer, or have just qualified then this will be an essential part of your personal growth, confidence and business development. Continue reading

Self – Efficacy – NSCA article for coaches and client retention.

Self – Efficacy is a term coined by the psychologist Albert Bandura and used it to explain our ability to succeed in a given situation we face.

Click the image below for a very good journal article on self efficacy from the NSCA.


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Personal Trainers and Performance Coaches – Book Recommendations

Here is a list of books recommended for various areas of exercise physiology that will be an asset to trainers and coaches.

They have been carefully selected for various areas so read the reviews to get more information of the content quality.

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Supplement Stack Guide By have slowly placed themselves in the number one spot for scientifically backed and objective research on supplements. They have a best-selling reference guide which is the complete offline version of their entire database for a one-off lifetime investment and it is updated when new research is added – free for life.

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