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Mindset – Reading Guide For Personal Development

During 2014 I went through a huge shift where I finally understood the importance of mindset and how essential it is for health, happiness and personal development. Below is a list of the books I have read this year and personally recommend as they have either had a huge impact on my development, coaching, or mindset workshop structure that will help many people from 2015.

If you develop your mind to see past the many illusions most of us believe to be real you will find lasting happiness and inner peace.

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Self – Efficacy – NSCA article for coaches and client retention.

Self – Efficacy is a term coined by the psychologist Albert Bandura and used it to explain our ability to succeed in a given situation we face.

Click the image below for a very good journal article on self efficacy from the NSCA.


Self – Efficacy relates to our ability to persist and succeed with a task and this is largely based on our beliefs about our ability to achieve goals. Self – Efficacy not only determines whether or not someone will take on a challenging task, but also how long they will potentially last with it. Continue reading

10 Tips For Personal Trainers To Improve Client Retention And Income

10 Tips For Personal Trainers To Improve Client Retention And Income

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