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Performance Coaching for Athletes

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Performance Coaching for Athletes

Our performance coaching is targetted at very specific groups of people -

1 - those of a good fitness level that are active in a physical hobby/sport and want to maintain what they have, or improve over time

2 - those serious about making progress in a sport and are just starting out and wanting to make gains in order to be recognised

The major sports benefitting from the facility, equipment and coaching background would be -

MMA and martial artists, particularly Taekwondo

Golf, tennis, badminton, hockey, 

Track and field





Football, rugby, basketball, volleyball

The process for these clients is as follows -

Needs analysis of the sport looking at energy sytems, dominant movement patterns and  techncial requirements.

Corrective strategy to help bulletproof from minor injuries and improve mobility

Porgressive training model to move from work capacity - strength - power and peak for any competitive events

Recovery schedule for days off

If you just want normal, progressive training for some Sunday football/golf we can do that as well.