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Weight Loss and Lifestyle Transformation

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Weight Loss and Lifestyle Transformation

We don't do normal personal training here. You can easily wander in to any gym chain and get someone to put you on a tradmill while they update their social media and randomly push buttons.

What we have realised from working with hundreds of people is that the most important thing for somebody who is serious about changing their life is support. The main thing they need to do in order to move from a place of confusion and believing they cannot change is a mindset that is already winning the game.

We have a team of experts and our packages start with just the basics for steady progress, to a full support network with a nutrition consultant, training consultant, mindset sessions, accountability calls and digestive health for our top package to asses food intolerances, gut health and what needs to be done before we actually get you moving.

Without addressing what mental activity allowed you to get out of shape in the first place, it is very difficult to just give someone a program and let them roll with it. We are after a lifestyle change where we provide enough support to move you forwards and eventually empower you to be able to maintain this new lifestyle on your own once we have achieved your goals and you feel it is time to move on and fly solo.