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Plyometric Platforms Medium 500mm

Product Ref: QR0607
Plyometric Platforms Medium 500mm
£175.04 ex None
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Weight: 10.000 kg
Manufacturer: The Strength Academy
Categories: Power Training


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£175.04 ex None
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Plyometric platforms for power training

Product Information 

  • Non-slip platforms
  • Unique stackable design minimises space required
  • Heavy duty oval frame construction provides a stable
  • exercise platform
  • Wheels for portability
  • Colour - Silver
  • Working platform area – 700mm x 600mm
  • Total dimension – 1000mm x 850mm 

Great For:

  • Slow tempo resistance exercises like Bulgarian split squats and step ups
  • Resisted bodyweight drills, such as with the SAQ Viper Belt and Flexi Cord
  • Practicing jumping with a reduced eccentric component, or stabilization when landing
  • Improving elastic strength of the lower body associated with plyometrics exercises like box drives 
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