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Fitness Consultation Skype - 1 Hour

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Fitness Consultation Skype - 1 Hour
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Manufacturer: The Strength Academy
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Fitness Skype Consultation for the public and those considering a career as a Fitness Professional or Personal Trainer

Steve has a lifetime of experience in fitness and exercise. He also has a very unique ability to get the head in the right place before starting to work on the body based on his psychology background. This enables him to help people realise their goals and achieve them. He has a proven track record of coaching athletes, certifying nearly 1000 personal trainers, competing nationally in multiple sports and coaching internationally as an educator.

The consultation is usually regarded as a starting point for people that are new to training and a gym environment that are looking to confidently start a new journey in health and well-being. The priority is establishing the underlying goals and what mechanisms and beliefs are possibly holding people back from realisng these. Through a series of questions and answers many poeple find that there motivations are very different from their true goals and this helps to set the plan in order to achieve them.

If you are already working out in the gym and seeing limited success then we can review your program, look at ways to improve how you invest your time in the gym and ultimately see steady progress for your efforts.

As well as success in the fitness industry Steve is also trained to master practitioner in NLP and is able to guide poeple with conversation and open questions to help them realise what they already know and move on from any sticking points and beliefs that no longer serve in a positive way.


Whatever your training goals and starting point - you are in very safe hands.


Having worked with and been trained by Stephen Aish for the last 4 years I have an utmost respect for him as a friend and professional. He is a uniquely passionate and dedicated individual who always delivers excellence and enhanced customer care. Whether it be pushing an athlete to become faster, higher, stronger or developing a new business solution, Steve is 'world class'.

David Cosford, Director of Sport. University of East London



Steve is quite simply one of those people who practices what he preaches. As the author of the first ever REPS recognised kettlebell course, British Weightlifting Championship titles, British records and a World Record he has learned Strength and Conditioning the hard way - by actually doing it, year on year. Add to this his impressive academic record and he is the very model of combining creativity, expertise and discipline to the highest degree. We have worked with Stephen at The Foundry on national events and are extremely excited about collaborating on future projects at our new performance facility Foundry: east.


Dave Thomas , Founder and Director, The Foundry


I met Stephen while working at the University of East London. His knowledge and work ethic is something that is rare and very valuable. Steve introduced me to kettlebells around the same time and to put it bluntly what steve doesn't know about kettlebells, isn't worth knowing. As my business and reputation has blossomed in the fitness industry i constantly refer back to Steve. I'm always happy to recommend Steve to clients and colleges. He is a great professional, person and businessman and now also a good friend. From a training perspective I have constantly been in awe of his feats of strength and endurance and this is endorsed by the copious amounts of records and championships he has attained through his weightlifting, strongman and kettlebell endeavours.

Duncan Ogilvie Msc ASCC
Director of Do Training
Former GB Basketball Player



Steve has an impressive background in martial arts and kettlebells together with comprehensive qualifications. However what stands out for me is Steve's rare ability to translate his own achievements and athletic abilities into coaching others. No matter what your level Steve can combine his vast knowledge and technical competency to positively impact your performance. And when it comes to kettlebell training, Steve is top of the game.

Matt Smith MSc ASCC
Strength & Conditioning Coach,
GB Basketball U20 Women
If you would like professoinal advice and clarity on your fitness goals then get in touch -
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