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Kettlebell Training Workshop - General Public

Product Ref: QR0706
Kettlebell Training Workshop - General Public
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Manufacturer: The Strength Academy
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£295.00 ex None
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Kettlebell training workshops for individuals and small groups in private

If you are a member of the public and would like to add the skill of kettlebell training to your gym routine then this is for you. Many people have still yet to realise the true benefits of kettlebell training for success in achieving their goals. If you are one of those people that has seen little change despite being a gym member for some time then you are about to get a long overdue reward. Steve has had clients lose up to 5kg each month from just training at home with his DVD - these people have never met him. By having a 1-1 induction we can cover all of the basic exercises with copletey safety to ensure you tain injury free. We can then look at your goals and work the training routines towards this. Steve has accredited nearly 1000 trainers in the UK and abroad. He is one of the leading authorities on kettlebell training in Great Britain and UK representitive for the Russian World Champions. The workshop is the training course with no exams, less sports science, more support and understanding and with a client-focussed approach to helping you successfully move from where you are now to where you want to be.

The benefit of the private workshop is that it is tailored to your level of learning, physical ability and is extremly flexible. Many previous delegates have actually left with more content based on the progressive teaching methods and how the format builds on each exercise to form solid foundations of knowledge and coaching ability.

The content is as follows -

Functional warm up

Dynamic stretching and mobility

Mechanical assessment of squat and deadlift patterns looking at kinetic loading, balance and transitions

Exercises - 2 hand swing, 1 hand swing, clean, press, jerk, sntach, reverse windmill, overhead windmill, get up

Inverse ladders, complexes and circuit ideas

Program design and brief periodisation overview

Cool down and the infamous world's laziest stretch


This event is ideal for those who want to fast-track their kettlebell skills and has added 10 times the investment in just a few months to trainers who understand how these movements can be integrated into HIIT circuits to raise metabolic demand and fat buring mechanisms in their clients. You will be completely confident with this new material and trained to the highest level available in the UK.

Running time is around 4 hours and available at my home gym in North Cambridgeshire.

2 people can be trained for £495

3 people for £595

2-3 people will require that the event runs at one of our local venues for workshops such as Crossfit Peterborough - email for details.

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