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Mentorships For Fitness Professionals - Half Day

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Mentorships For Fitness Professionals - Half Day
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Fitness mentorships for instructors and personal trainers

Quick guide - the perfect solution for people in the fitness industry currently stuck, uncertain and a bit lost. Purchase and I will be in contact to arrange a suitable time - weekdays and weekends are options subject to my schedule of coaching and events.

Having worked in the fitness industry for over a decade and seen the struggles that many people new to the industry faced we spent a lot of time "off of the radar" looking at what is holding them back through interactions with them and observing what they do, how they speak and when and why they fall over.

It is safe to say they several patterns emerged and the bigger picture began to unfold.

A lot of people very new to the fitness industry and a few that have been there some time and lost their way seem to be affected by the following -

Fear of failure and not being good enough

Negative motivation

Weak language that disempowers them

Constant criticism of other people

Procrastination with little idea how to get around it

Limiting self beliefs that no longer serve them

The mentorship is 4-5 hours and would suit the following people and options -

If you are a trainer, coach, or gym instructor just starting out and wondering if you are any good then take me through a workout and we will critically disect it, feedback on your coaching, cues recommended to get your client doing what you want and recommendations to take you to the next level. After this the mindset work will cover any of the above issues as we see what is holding you back.

If you are a fitness professional and offer services such as nutrition, massage, group training, workshops and seminars and are being held back with doubts about how to move from where you are to where you want to be then we can apply exactly the same approach and get your mindset positive, confident and clear about how to achieve your goals.

Mindset really is the key thing to address and then everything else falls into place.

I have helped many people get clarity on what they want from life and how to achieve it - even myself. Giving back is part of the ongoing journey to help as many people as possible become their authentic self with no limitations.

Most of these sessions are done at my home with access to my personal gym as a new environment is much better to relax in and progress is usually pretty quick. I am willing to travel as long as petrol is covered and the journey time is reasonable. I am based in PE14 North Cambridgeshire.

The time and effort you put into making a neutral world result in feelings of limitation are the same required to feel amazing - you just need to know how.

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