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Mindset Consultation Skype - 1 Hour

Product Ref: QR0718
Mindset Consultation Skype - 1 Hour
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Manufacturer: The Strength Academy
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£125.00 ex None
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Mindset consultation for the public, trainers, coaches and athletes

Steve has a lifetime of experience in fitness and martial arts. He also has a very unique ability to get the head in the right place before starting to work on the body based on his psychology background. This enables him to help people realise their goals and achieve them. He has a proven track record of coaching athletes, certifying nearly 1000 personal trainers, competing nationally in multiple sports and coaching internationally as an educator.

The consultation is usually regarded as a starting point for people that are standing in the way of their progress. This usually falls into a combination of the following areas -

Thoughts and laguage patterns

Direction of motivaiton - positive or negative

Beliefs and affirmations

Comparision with others

Awareness of being present

Breakthroughs are usually pretty quick and from experience many people are able to get clarity and an understanding of what is holding them back through how the brain works and processes information - even what is not real - and forms our habits to create a cycle of behaviour patterns. 

As well as success in the fitness industry Steve is also trained to master practitioner in NLP and is able to guide people with conversation and open questions to help them realise what they already know and move on from any sticking points and beliefs that no longer serve in a positive way.

Simply add me to Skype - stephenaish75 - and we will discuss a timeslot that suits both of us. This can be any time within 1 month of purchase and discussed via email once paid for.

Whatever your situation - you are in very safe hands.


Steve is not only a great trainer, but a motivator who makes you think outside the box in anything you do. If there's a person who'll help you achieve greatness, its him. I can't speak more highly of the man.

Ali Jawad, British Paralympic Powerlifter
British champion : 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012

British record holder : 56kg , 60kg, 75kg class
European junior champion 2007 
European junior record at 60kg, 75kg class
World junior champion 2008
2x Paralympian 2008, 2012
World record holder


Having worked alongside Steve for 3 years I can honestly say that he is a very different animal to the usual Strength and Conditioning Coach. His phenomenal ability to motivate and dispel negative thought, coupled with his ever expanding knowledge, experience, and technical skill provides him with an unparalleled coaching style. He is an amazing professional, always striving for more knowledge, and persistently thinking outside the box to achieve his aims. No matter what your level, no matter what your capacity, condition, constraint, or restriction, Steve is the man to help you break through your limitations and achieve your greatest goals. He really is in a class all of his own.


Radley O'Sullivan

Physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Lead Physiotherapist
Barking RUFC

From doing a number of Stephen's courses including Olympic weight lifting and kettlebells I can honestly say he's a fantastic coach. Not only is his information & delivery easy to understand, it's also in-depth enough for the most educated of participants.
Stephen has an uncanny ability to bring the best out of you, he some how changes your mind set and fills you full of confidence which often ends in new PB'S.

So if you're looking to learn a new skill, become a better teacher or just break through plateaus then Stephen is your man!

The Lean Machines
John Chapman & Leon Bustin
Personal trainers / ISSN SNS



I have known Stephen Aish for 8 - 9 years and had the privilege of Coaching along side him as one of the pioneers of Kettlebell training in the UK on Instructor courses. I have also competed alongside Stephen in strength competitions (albeit in different weight categories!) and this is what separates him. His constant pursuit of knowledge in the field of strength training for performance is not limited to the realm of academia, he is willing to put time under the bar, on the platform or wherever else to test his theories in application. As a Coach Stephen leads by example and as a uncanny ability to distill the most complex of concepts so that those he teaches are able to absorb the information in an empowering way, and are able to practically apply and think critically for themselves. I am blessed to know Stephen not only as a coach but to consider him a friend.

Cj Swaby

Coach, Speaker, Writer, Strength Athlete


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