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Olympic Weightlifting And Plyometrics Private Workshop

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Olympic Weightlifting And Plyometrics Private Workshop
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Olympic Weightlifting and Plyometrics – Private Workshop

Olympic Weightlifting is a fantastic sport and a real test of strength and power. It is also extremely technical and takes many years to become proficient.

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Our private workshop can be for an individual, or small group, and covers all of the lifts and teaching points and ensures you have a technical blue print that you can progress over time with your own training. You also have the perfect foundations for being able to successful coach these lifts with athletes.

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The plyometrics are an important part of training as they allow the athlete to express their strength foundations rapidly as explosive force. Variations as the weightlifting snatch and clean and jerk are used to develop this power so that it corresponds to performance on the field for their sport and performance.

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For an introduction to this event you can get access to over half of our training menual for FREE in this link, which will give you a good overview of the details and technical quality of the training.

Click the image for our FREE guide

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Professional testimonials from REAL people that we have worked with and coached

Stephen Aish has to be one of the best in the business. The manner in which he delivers his seminars is informative and engaging. He is a coach's coach, he is living and breathing this stuff and his passion for lifting heavy objects is infectious to say the least. I came away from the Olympic Lifting Seminar sore but with a wealth of biomechanical and mental triggers to improve my own PR's and the skills of my clients. 

Richard Dainty

Health and Fitness Manager

Bannatyne's Health Club



From doing a number of Stephen's courses including Olympic weightlifting and kettlebells I can honestly say he's a fantastic coach. Not only is his information & delivery easy to understand, it's also in-depth enough for the most educated of participants.

Stephen has an uncanny ability to bring the best out of you, he some how changes your mind set and fills you full of confidence which often ends in new PB'S.

So if you're looking to learn a new skill, become a better teacher or just break through plateaus then Stephen is your man!

The Lean Machines
John Chapman & Leon Bustin
Personal trainers / ISSN SNS



Having worked alongside Steve for 3 years I can honestly say that he is a very different animal to the usual Strength and Conditioning Coach. His phenomenal ability to motivate and dispel negative thought, coupled with his ever expanding knowledge, experience, and technical skill provides him with an unparalleled coaching style. He is an amazing professional, always striving for more knowledge, and persistently thinking outside the box to achieve his aims. No matter what your level, no matter what your capacity, condition, constraint, or restriction, Steve is the man to help you break through your limitations and achieve your greatest goals. He really is in a class all of his own.


Radley O'Sullivan

Physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Lead Physiotherapist
Barking RUFC
If you are ready to start lifting weights properly, or teach as a coach then get in touch -


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