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Steve is not only a great trainer, but a motivator who makes you think outside the box in anything you do. If there's a person who'll help you achieve greatness, its him. I can't speak more highly of the man.

Ali Jawad, British Paralympic Powerlifter
British champion : 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012

British record holder : 56kg , 60kg, 75kg class
European junior champion 2007 
European junior record at 60kg, 75kg class
World junior champion 2008
2x Paralympian 2008, 2012
World record holder

I recently undertook The Strength Academy's Kettelbell Instructor Course with Stephen Aish, and was immediately impressed by the expert delivery and instruction I received. It was both an enjoyable and extremely productive training course, and therefore highly recommend this course to all PTs and S&C coaches who wish to add this excellent method of training to their portfolio of training tools.
Laurent Bannock MSc CISSN CSCS

Having worked with and been trained by Stephen Aish for the last 4 years I have an utmost respect for him as a friend and professional. He is a uniquely passionate and dedicated individual who always delivers excellence and enhanced customer care. Whether it be pushing an athlete to become faster, higher, stronger or developing a new business solution, Steve is 'world class'.

David Cosford, Director of Sport. University of East London

I met Stephen Aish about 6 years ago when looking for a Kettlebell instructor course and now feel very fortunate that it was his course I chose. His explanation of Kettlebell technique was clear and concise, the teaching points were precise and easy to follow, his expertise was second to none. Having experienced and seen other Kettlebell instructor courses Stephen really opened my eyes to technique that is safe, efficient and effective, and it delivers results. Not only does he perform the techniques to a very high standard with an in-depth knowledge of physiology and biomechanics, his ability to deliver a course to fitness professionals and also those just starting out means they are able to retain the information to a very high standard. His background in martial arts was particularly helpful for me and connecting specific movements from Kettlebells to the martial arts has helped me to develop programs that have benefited many of my students. Without doubt he is the "Go-To Man" for anything strength. 

Master Philip Lear

6th Degree ITF Taekwon-Do Instructor

England Taekwon-Do Head Coach

Ex European and World Taekwon-Do Champion

Multiple British, English Taekwon-Do Champion

When I wanted a kettlebell certification, I went straight to "Kettlebell" Steve Aish, whose reputation preceded him as the foremost kettlebell expert in the UK.

I attended his one-day course, which was excellent, and I also bought his DVD. Years later, I'm still using some of the workouts he showed me in the course!

Since doing the kettlebell certification, I've continued to work with and consult Steve over the years on a variety of strength topics. Steve is an inspirational athlete, a very knowledgable trainer and a nice guy to talk shop with!


Sally Moss

Founder, Strength Ambassadors

From doing a number of Stephen's courses including Olympic weight lifting and kettlebells I can honestly say he's a fantastic coach. Not only is his information & delivery easy to understand, it's also in-depth enough for the most educated of participants.
Stephen has an uncanny ability to bring the best out of you, he some how changes your mind set and fills you full of confidence which often ends in new PB'S.

So if you're looking to learn a new skill, become a better teacher or just break through plateaus then Stephen is your man!

The Lean Machines
John Chapman & Leon Bustin
Personal trainers / ISSN SNS

Having worked alongside Steve for 3 years I can honestly say that he is a very different animal to the usual Strength and Conditioning Coach. His phenomenal ability to motivate and dispel negative thought, coupled with his ever expanding knowledge, experience, and technical skill provides him with an unparalleled coaching style. He is an amazing professional, always striving for more knowledge, and persistently thinking outside the box to achieve his aims. No matter what your level, no matter what your capacity, condition, constraint, or restriction, Steve is the man to help you break through your limitations and achieve your greatest goals. He really is in a class all of his own.


Radley O'Sullivan

Physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Lead Physiotherapist
Barking RUFC

I have known Stephen Aish for 8 - 9 years and had the privilege of Coaching along side him as one of the pioneers of Kettlebell training in the UK on Instructor courses. I have also competed alongside Stephen in strength competitions (albeit in different weight categories!) and this is what separates him. His constant pursuit of knowledge in the field of strength training for performance is not limited to the realm of academia, he is willing to put time under the bar, on the platform or wherever else to test his theories in application. As a Coach Stephen leads by example and as a uncanny ability to distill the most complex of concepts so that those he teaches are able to absorb the information in an empowering way, and are able to practically apply and think critically for themselves. I am blessed to know Stephen not only as a coach but to consider him a friend.

Cj Swaby

Coach, Speaker, Writer, Strength Athlete

Steve is quite simply one of those people who practices what he preaches. As the author of the first ever REPS recognised kettlebell course, British Weightlifting Championship titles, British records and a World Record he has learned Strength and Conditioning the hard way - by actually doing it, year on year. Add to this his impressive academic record and he is the very model of combining creativity, expertise and discipline to the highest degree. We have worked with Stephen at The Foundry on national events and are extremely excited about collaborating on future projects at our new performance facility Foundry: east.

Dave Thomas , Founder and Director, The Foundry

I met Stephen while working at the University of East London. His knowledge and work ethic is something that is rare and very valuable. Steve introduced me to kettlebells around the same time and to put it bluntly what steve doesn't know about kettlebells, isn't worth knowing. As my business and reputation has blossomed in the fitness industry i constantly refer back to Steve. I'm always happy to recommend Steve to clients and colleges. He is a great professional, person and businessman and now also a good friend. From a training perspective I have constantly been in awe of his feats of strength and endurance and this is endorsed by the copious amounts of records and championships he has attained through his weightlifting, strongman and kettlebell endeavours.

Duncan Ogilvie Msc ASCC
Director of Do Training
Former GB Basketball Player

Stephen Aish has to be one of the best in the business. The manner in which he delivers his seminars is informative and engaging. He is a coach's coach, he is living and breathing this stuff and his passion for lifting heavy objects is infectious to say the least. I came away from the Olympic Lifting Seminar sore but with a wealth of biomechanical and mental triggers to improve my own PR's and the skills of my clients. 

Richard Dainty

Health and Fitness Manager

Bannatyne's Health Club


I originally got into kettlebells as I needed to be able to provide my students with a fast paced workout - getting the most from it in as little time as possible. Through my network I have been lucky enough to have been passed on a lot of info from all of the kettlebell greats who adorn the internet and fitness magazines from all over the globe. However,  I count myself lucky enough to be introduced to some home grown talent, Mr Stephen Aish.  I originally got all my kettlebells from Stephen but it wasn't until a few years later I was able to train with him.  I found him to be charismatic, knowledgeable and great to work with.  No ego involved, able to transmit information to a wide audience of abilities.  And especially be able to focus on my particular needs. Stephen has a strong martial arts background so it was great to get movements that would specifically benefit what I do. The course I attended was fantastic and as far as I am concerned the way in which it is taught was by far the easiest to pick up and pass on compared to other seminars and workshops I have attended. If you want to learn how to use kettlebells correctly then get in touch with this professional!

Marcus Houston, Cheif Instructor Krav Maga Edinburgh

Steve has an impressive background in martial arts and kettlebells together with comprehensive qualifications. However what stands out for me is Steve's rare ability to translate his own achievements and athletic abilities into coaching others. No matter what your level Steve can combine his vast knowledge and technical competency to positively impact your performance. And when it comes to kettlebell training, Steve is top of the game.

Matt Smith MSc ASCC
Strength & Conditioning Coach,
GB Basketball U20 Women

Stephen 'kettlebell' Aish is undoubtedly one of the foremost experts on kettlebell training in the world, which is why when I wanted to learn about using kettlebells I went to Steve!  Having worked with Steve at the University of East London I gained an appreciation for his knowledge and experience through the various debates and coaches round tables that were shared.  He offers a unique insight into training and immense experience of a multitude of techniques that he has mastered. Steve's enthusiasm for learning and being the best is undeniable and demonstrated by his ever increasing collection of trophies or records in feats of human performance. 

I now consider Steve one of my go-to coaches for advice and discussion and always send my students at the Dotraining Academy to him for their kettlebell needs. I highly recommend anyone from an elite performer to the casual gym goer to look Steve up for a consultation; you will become a better human!!

Harry Fisher MSc ASCC- S&C Coach and Head of DoTraining Academy, PhD student

I have done two seminars with Steve. His seminars are essential if you want to improve your lifting techniques. His seminar helped me prepare for the CrossFit Level 1 course. We run Invictus Fitness - a CrossFit gym - and Steve at The Strength Academy will be brought in to help our athletes become better.


Spencer Duffy - owner -

CFL1 Instructor

RKC 1 Instructor

SFG Level 1

Krav Maga Global G3 Instructor

Having worked with Steve for 3 years I have discovered his technical and physiological knowledge is second to none. It is Steve's ability to practically apply this knowledge that makes him stand out from the rest, and he is continuously looking to develop his skills and knowledge further. He can also apply those skills and knowledge to any sport with maximum effect to help optimise an athlete's training.

Steve has the ability to create and develop new ideas to enhance the training effect through innovative, creative thinking. He also has the ability to think outside the box and consider things others wouldn't, giving him the sharpest edge when it comes to training advice, training equipment advice and expert knowledge.

Daniel McKeown, BSc (Hons), ASCC

Accredited S&C coach, University Head Athletics coach, Athletics coach mentor, Bath Graduate, Former full time sprinter, S&C workshop presenter for England Athletics and Sports product inventor / innovator.


I have recently had the pleasure of hosting and taking part in one of Steve's public kettlebell workshops.
On top of it being a fantastic day of training I have come away with a valuable knowledge of effective kettlebell exercises. My clients and I will benefit from this for years to come.
Certain aspects of the instruction and Steve's vast knowledge in general have also translated well to other areas of my training. This resulted in an immediate increase of 20kg on my back squat p.b. - Result!
Thanks again Steve!

John Preston

Personal Trainer


As a fitness instructor and martial artist I have been to training courses and seminars all over the world, but i have to say that Steve's kettlebell instructor certifications are among the best I have ever had the pleasure to attend. The information is delivered in a clear and concise manner and the course manuals are well written, thoroughly researched and outstanding in their quality. Using Steve's material I have set up and now run successful kettlebell based classes and boot camps for a wide range of people. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Steve and The Strength Academy to anyone who wants proper training!


Dan Bartlett
Personal Trainer
Black belt instructor - Abaniko Tres Puntas UK


I have had the pleasure of working alongside Stephen Aish for a number of years. He is always a consummate professional and is always passionate about his work. He has worked as a trainer at my facility, has used my facility to host his own courses and I have used his services to train my own trainers too.  

Steve is always reliable and professional and I would not hesitate recommending him as a trainer, Kettlebell instructor or Olympic lifting instructor. He is my go to Kettlebell and Olympic Lifting Guy!


Greg Smith - BA (Human Movement Studies) NASM CES

Director - Aegis Training Ltd and Personal Training Studios Ltd.

I have known Steve both personally and professionally for a number of years.  Whilst our common interest started with Kettlebells, we are both now devout family men and Steve is happy to talk kids, mountain biking or business. Steve has been a great role model and mentor for me with an enthusiastic and ethical business acumen.  He is professional, hard working and trustworthy and gives 100% to anything he takes on.  His success to date is not just measured by his accomplishments but by the number of friends and business colleagues that know and respect him.


Having worked with Stephen Aish for the last 2 years I highly respect him as a friend, coach, mentor and professional. As a customer myself, he delivers to the best of his ability and is a highly knowledgeable individual in the world of strength and conditioning. 


Andy Ly - Multiple Junior British powerlifting champion (GBPF) and International Powerlifter (IPF)

I met Steve by attending his fundamentals kettlebell course a number of years ago. It was obvious to me from the start that Steve is an astute fitness professional and was clearly a cut above some of the other trainers I had encountered on other courses. Since the course I have kept in touch with Steve and he has been a great mentor for training and business advice. Moving forward I hope to work alongside Steve providing kettlebell instruction to the public. If you get a chance to work with him take it, you will not regret it.
Pete Luffman RKC
Personal Trainer
Kettlebell Instructor


Many years of rugby, judo and grip training gave me a solid foundation, but still I saw marked improvement in strength and speed since following The Strength Academy style of training. Kettlebell and sledgehammer drills quickly complimented my usual gym work. Explosive power and steely hands are the net result and I now put these assets to good use on the arm-wrestling table. Thanks to Stephen Aish for the excellent tuition and endless encouragement - stay strong.


Anthony Biggs, Midlands Militia Arm-wrestling


In the strength world today, Stephen is undoubtedly one of the top dogs in this country. He brought the Kettlebells back onto the UK map 12 years ago, and has influenced the way everyone in the fitness industry trains. No more, no less. 

I have been immensely honoured to learn from him, at the start of my career, and will always recommend his products and services. Like all the greatest coaches, Stephen believes that there are no such things as bad students, only bad teachers. He teaches by being the example. Martial Arts, WeightLifting, and Strongman Training, are his playground, along with some world records under his belt !!! His high standards are contagious, and will guarantee anyone involved, a solid and precise education in an industry full of cowboy trainers, and mediocre quality course providers.

Didi Kan

British Powerlifting Champion 2013 M1 93KG
Functional Strength and Conditioning Coach and Urban Krav Maga Instructor

Steve is one of those guys who leaves a positive and lasting impression wherever he goes; his knowledge and expertise are without parallel.
Steve is a true professional and great technician and always makes you feel welcome.
I would strongly recommend any clubs or individuals to attend his courses. If you want to learn from the best without compromise Stephen Aish and The Strength Academy is the best place to start.
Alan Skinner
Founder and Director of Crystal Vision Personal Training


The main thing i got out of the kettlebell workshop (other than a beasting at the end !) was how small adjustments in technique make a HUGE difference. I'd got so used to making sure my clients posture was correct during swings that i'd stayed in the "beginners" position myself. The slight adjustment of looking down on the swing as opposed to up incresed my 10 set reps with a 36kg from 10 to 15 = 50 extra reps !!!
John Hodkinson
Personal Trainer

From an original background in ITF Taekwondo, and after gaining my 1st Degree Black Belt in 2007, I began to extend my traditional bodyweight-focused training to incorporate more modern Strength and Conditioning training principles in 2009.  I have since learned to incorporate elements of Olympic and Power lifting into my programmes, combined with the various assistance exercises.  Without doubt, one of the most valuable tools I have learned to utilise is the kettlebell.  Having completed both the Level 1 kettlebell course and also the Level 2 Masterclass with Steve from The Strength Academy, I would highly recommend these courses to anyone looking to extend their own knowledge of this enormously powerful training tool.  With Steve, you will not only be benefitting from some of the top kettlebell instruction, but you will also have access to an enormous amount of knowledge on human physiology, corrective exercise, programme design and the biomechanics of weight lifting.  For a full-service training provider, I would highly recommend The Strength Academy.

Philip Russell, Course attendee