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CKI Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course Manual PDF

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CKI Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course Manual PDF
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For those of you unable to get to our events and just wanting to fast-track your kettlebell knowledge our level 1 course manual is now available as a PDF file.

Please ensure your email is entered correctly as this is how it will be sent and that you check your spam folder as messages with attachments can sometimes got caught.

The manual is exactly the same one used to train our graduates to the highest levels of technical kettlebell instruction available in the UK. The course has evolved for over 10 years and we have had the privilige to be coached by some of the best kettlebell athletes in the world, including the world champions from Russia.

You will be hard pushed to get a more comprehensive resource on kettlebell training and here is the content of the manual -

Course overview                                                                                                        5

Mission statement                                                                                                     6

Scheme of work                                                                                                         7

Course Notes                                                                                                              9

Kettlebell starting weights                                                                                      10

Health and safety considerations                                                                         13

Class layout                                                                                                                14

Kettlebell safety checklist                                                                                       15

Kettlebell emergencies                                                                                            16

Kettlebell history                                                                                                        17

Kettlebell sport vs. kettlebell fitness                                                                     19

Competition and standard cast kettlebells                                                          20

Kettlebell training variables                                                                                     21

The Force-Velocity Curve                                                                                         23

Bioenergetics                                                                                                              25

Sports specific kettlebell training                                                                          30

Functional Multi-Planar warm up                                                                            32

Kettlebell Basic Exercises                                                                                        

Deadlift                                                                                                                          39

Goblet squat                                                                                                                40

Racked squat                                                                                                              40

Double racked squat                                                                                                 41

The swing                                                                                                                    42

Optimising the kinetic chain during the kettlebell swing                                47

Hand change                                                                                                              48

One arm swing                                                                                                          50

The clean                                                                                                                    56

The press                                                                                                                    63

Sots press                                                                                                                  64

Seated press                                                                                                             65

The jerk                                                                                                                       66

The snatch                                                                                                                 71

Kettlebell sport snatch                                                                                           77

The reverse windmill                                                                                               80

The Overhead Windmill                                                                                           84

The kettlebell get up (KGU)                                                                                     88

Inverse ladders                                                                                                         96       

Assessment                                                                                                              98

Session outcome                                                                                                     99

Attendance Records                                                                                                99

Session close                                                                                                            99

Mapping material                                                                                                      100

Appeals policy                                                                                                           101

Appendix                                                                                                                     102

Sample Training Routine                                                                                         108

References                                                                                                                 113


This video will show you the level of technical detail and coaching we go into for each exercise 

 photo GUARANTEE-STAMP_zpsf553ea16.png

We offer a no risk 100% guarantee with this product as we pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisifed with it let us know.

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