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Introduction The GS Kettlebell Sport Bristol July 27th 10am - 2pm

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Introduction The GS Kettlebell Sport Bristol July 27th 10am - 2pm
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Kettlebell Sport Training Camp

This event is aimed at people who already have a good level of fitness and technical ability and have been training for several months. The workshop will progress foundation kettlebell movements to the most mechanically efficient variations that are available in order to test work capacity for time.


Location details 

Badock's Wood Primary School

Doncaster Road



BS10 5PU


Closest mainline train staiton - Parkway station in Patchway and the bus also stops right outside. Times Sunday July 27th 10am - 2pm The venue has plenty of free parking spaces.


Your invoice confirms your place and an email is sent out 1-2 weeks before the event to confirm details.


Warm up, mobility and dynamic stretching

Exercises covered –

Swing – complete breakdown of vertical and horizontal forces, pendulum movement arc, potential and kinetic energy, effective loading mechanics for force production and fatigue distribution.

Clean – grip fatigue, double suspension for controlled impact, handle alignment and levers, efficient force production, how to switch off forearm flexors for fatigue resistance, overload and reducing range of motion, single rack position with elbow to iliac crest.

Jerk – plyometric response for efficient mechanics, best eccentric range for power and mass lifted, triple squat for saving the shoulders, lat tension and potential limits to overhead range with trigger point release.

Snatch – 3 variations of snatch from the standard Olympic to GS and the advanced transverse movement, optimise grip for minimal hand tears, how to decrease range of motion for efficiency, squeezing extra reps at physical and mechanical fatigue.

Bonus – the secret weapon that took one GS athlete to near MS reps for snatch in months with an invite to the world championships.

Long Cycle – breathing cycle, optimising rack position for recovery, handle alignment to prevent grip fatigue, range of motion and energy conservation.

Timed test sets

World’s laziest stretch


You will receive some of the highest levels of kettlebell coaching available in the UK that have been passed down from the world champions of Russia.

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