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Nutrition Training Workshop

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Nutritional Training - Complete Guide To Practical Nutrition

Alex Ferentinos is a current international rugby player who has an in depth knowledge in many aspects of sports science. We were particularly impressed with his expertise in nutrition, an often complicated subject of which there is much conflicting opinion and information. As our advisor, Alex’s approach to nutritional training is easy to follow and offers real, practical advice, giving people the opportunity to make a positive change to their health and well-being, which leads to boosts in performance and recovery.

The purpose of this nutritional training course is to give trainers and coaches a solid grounding in nutrition and to offer members of the public the chance to gain a general understanding in this field. Alex provides a unique perspective on everything nutritional , driven by scientific evidence and the training is presented in a way that is easy to understand, enhancing the learning process rather than promoting confusion.

This course will show you how to prepare healthy meals and enjoy the advantages of a nutritious diet. From the importance of water and how much we should be drinking through to leafy green vegetables and how they can prevent bone problems. Find out how conventional carbohydrates can lead to poor energy levels and discover how eliminating sugar from your diet can actually be the best nutritional decision you make.

Event includes:

  • Exploring the macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats)
  • The fatty acid balance - is yours hindering or helping your health?
  • How to select good protein sources and best implement them to maximise recovery
  • Supplements: the hype, the truth and how to implement them effectively
  • The most nutrient dense and healthy foods on earth
  • How to structureyour nutritional diet plan around your training

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