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Power And Performance Workshop - Chichester Sept 27th 9-6

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Power And Performance Workshop - Chichester Sept 27th 9-6
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Power and Performance Workshop

The idea of the Power and Performance workshop is to empower people with new skills that can impact their clients, their own training and their business. It can also be useful for members of the public that want to add a new dimension to their training routines.

At a glance – what you get –

·        Olympic Weightlifting

·        Plyometrics

·        Program design

·        Kettlebell masterclass

Workshop Overview –

Olympic Weightlifting


Clean and Jerk

Hang and Power variations

Snatch balance

Video analysis for coaching

Plyometrics – 7 stage progressive model

The importance of the Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO) and inhibition

Stages –

-  1. Landing – proprioceptive foot contact and kinetic alignment

-  2. Stabilisation – reinforce landing mechanics

-  3. Jump up – triple extension and arm action

-  4. In place responses – increase reactive speed vertically

-  5. Short responses – horizontal displacement

-  6. Long responses – horizontal velocity

-  7. Shock method – intense neurological demand

Variables for plyometric programming

Periodisation and program design overview

Stress and adaptation

Program variables

Program considerations

Peaking and tapering

Kettlebells level 1 masterclass







Get up

Complexes and ladders

Olympic Weightlifting

The weightlifting section is a combination of some of the methods learnt from several elite coaches and athletes that have been finely tuned in order to ensure everyone is able to understand and perform these movements safely.


This section introduces a progressive model so that people are able to effectively train the Force-Velocity curve and use their strength as efficient power for performance in their sport.


We cut through all of the confusion and go over what is required to produce a good program, what considerations need to be addressed and how to monitor progress and adjust accordingly. The goal is to be able to get the results without the confusion.


We have been very fortunate to learn from some of the best resources in the world and create the first REPS CPD event in the UK.  You will learn from one of the most respected coaches in the UK that has competed, trained champions and coaches internationally.


You will personally be coached by one of the most respected kettlebell authorities, weightlifting coach and performance mentors in Great Britain that competes, trains national level athletes, the police, military and martial art groups and coaches internationally.


Why just learn when you can learn to be the best...

Professional testimonials below -

 photo wl2_zps4b4cb197.jpg


Event details

Location -

Core Results

Unit 1 Beaver Trade Park

Quarry Lane

West Sussex


PO19 8NY

01234 929 111

Event times -

Sunday September 27th 9am - 6pm.

The venue has plenty of free parking and the closest mainline station is Chichester

 photo 4d16ac77-261b-4edf-b224-a6ba574252a7_zpsfde2a922.jpg


Success Stories

 photo SallyMoss_zps50191a95.jpg

Sally Moss

When I wanted a kettlebell certification, I went straight to "Kettlebell" Steve Aish, whose reputation preceded him as the foremost kettlebell expert in the UK.

I attended his one-day course, which was excellent, and I also bought his DVD. Years later, I'm still using some of the workouts he showed me in the course!

Since doing the kettlebell certification, I've continued to work with and consult Steve over the years on a variety of strength topics. Steve is an inspirational athlete, a very knowledgeable trainer and a nice guy to talk shop with!

Sally Moss

FounderStrength Ambassadors

 photo image1_zps03519e3b.jpeg

The Lean Machines

From doing a number of Stephen’s courses including Olympic weight lifting & kettlebells I can honestly say he's a fantastic coach. Not only is his information & delivery easy to understand, it's also in depth enough for the most educated of participants. Stephen has an uncanny ability to bring the best out of you, he somehow changes your mind set & fills you full of confidence which often ends in new PB'S.

So if you're looking to learn a new skill, become a better teacher or just break through plateaus then Stephen is your man!

John Chapman & Leon Bustin

Personal trainers YouTube health & fitness channel  ISSN SNS


 photo PhilLear_zps4f0d36ab.jpg

Philip Lear

I met Stephen Aish about 6 years ago when I was looking for a Kettlebell instructor course and I feel very fortunate that it was his course I chose. His explanation of Kettlebell technique was clear and concise, the teaching points were precise and easy to follow, his expertise was second to none. Having experienced and seen other Kettlebell instructor courses Stephen really opened my eyes to technique that is safe, efficient and effective, and it delivers results. Not only does he perform the techniques to a very high standard with an in depth knowledge of physiology and biomechanics, his ability to deliver a course to fitness professionals and also those just starting out means they are able to retain the information to a very high standard. His background in martial arts was particularly helpful for me and connecting specific movements from Kettlebells to the martial arts has helped me to develop programs that have benefited many of my students. Without doubt he is the “Go To Man” for anything Strength.

Philip Lear 6th Degree ITF Taekwon-Do Instructor England Taekwon-Do Head Coach Ex European and World Taekwon-Do Champion Multiple British, English Taekwon-Do Champion Vision Taekwondo


 photo f5530ded-7d9d-46c6-8d56-cdaf93056863_zps6fabf5c7.jpg

Laurent Bannock

I recently undertook The Strength Academy’s Kettlebell Instructor Course with Stephen Aish, and was immediately impressed by the expert delivery and instruction I received. It was both an enjoyable and extremely productive training course, and therefore highly recommend this course to all PTs & S&C coaches who wish to add this excellent method of training to their portfolio of training tools’.

Laurent Bannock MSc CISSN CSCS -


Each delegate receives colour PDF manuals for the weightlifting and kettlebells and the slides for the remaining elements are sent after the event.

 photo GUARANTEE-STAMP_zpsf553ea16.png

Cast Iron Guarantee - if you are not awesome after this workshop and confident with the new material then please let us know!


Should you require any further information on this workshop then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss. If you are ready to add something new and dynamic to your training then add to basket and we look forward to seeing you.

Emails are sent out 1 week before the event to confirm details - you do not need a ticket or to print anything to attend.

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