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Weight Lifting and Strength Courses

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Weight lifting and strength courses

We provide some of the most recognised professional courses and workshops in the fitness industry and have been involved with REPS and Skills Active since 2004.

Our kettlebell instructor courses lead to the qualification of CKI - Certified Kettlebell Instructor and are one of the main kettlebell training qualifications in Great Britain. The public friendly version of this event is our kettlebell public workshop where members can learn the same material without the need to be assessed to become an instructor. Perfect for fine tuning your fat loss skills or for improving your weight lifting/strength training technique for home workouts.

The blueprint for the CKI is currently used internationally and has graduated hundreds of qualified trainers.

The public workshops have empowered thousand of people to "do it" with no regrets and solid results.

Weight lifting for sports

This training course teaches the Olympic lifts to develop competency in the coach and integrate these movements into athletic development and performance for sports.

Introduction to Olympic Weight Lifting

A course for beginners and those at an intermediate level which aims to teach you the basics in Olympic weight lifting from a 3 times British Masters weight lifting champion with an MSc in Strength and conditioning. Covering everything from warm up exercises, stretches and basic exercises including the squat and dead lift right the way through to some of the more advanced techniques including the snatch, clean and jerk and assistance exercises. Whether you are a complete amateur or a strength coach looking to learn lifts correctly, this is the event for you.

Weight lifting for sports is currently coached privately so contact us if you are interested in learning these valuable skills.

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